David Fulton

David Fulton, Lean East Senior Consultant

David Fulton is a Lean East Senior Consultant and Advisor. He is an accomplished Project Manager, Program Manager, and Health Information Technology (HIT) leader with a desire to develop and champion best practices for clients. David has previously led or supported numerous statewide initiatives in Texas, including creating a statewide Medicaid HIT website, development of a State Medicaid HIT Plan outreach strategy, achieving a 2% to 20% increase in Medicaid providers enabled to E- Prescribe Controlled Substances (EPCS) as an intervention for opioid addiction and substance abuse, advancing the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP), and obtaining approval for $3.5M in process improvement projects. David combines strong data analytics with an ability to communicate and promote HIT goals and initiatives in a manner that achieves results. As a Program Manager, David is experienced in developing new initiatives, leading turn-arounds of failed initiatives, and revitalizing stalled initiatives to strategically achieve the business need.

David also has many years of experience as an agile project manager developing and managing the introduction of working software products and agile processes. He has experience in product development in a dynamic niche market as a small business owner. He is an excellent communicator who collaboratively engages all stakeholders in developing solutions that achieve results.

David has a BA in Communications from the University of North Texas and an MS in Applied Health Informatics from the University of Texas Health Science Center, where he served as an Adjunct Instructor for a Health Informatics Course. He is currently helping the Texas Tech University Health Science Center to develop a new Project Management course curriculum for Advance Practice Nurses enrolled in the Health Informatics Nursing Master’s program. He is certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP) and has numerous Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) certifications for aligning IT services with business needs.

Testimonials about David:

  • “David is the consummate professional – very polished, articulate, intelligent and motivated. I’ve known David for several years and he’s worked for my company as a consultant since 2015. His knowledge of Healthcare, Information Technology and Marketing are all assets he has to offer. As a project manager, he’s organized and methodical. His communication skills are outstanding. I highly recommend David.”
  • “David has done an outstanding job leading the Texas ePCS Campaign. He organized a large cross functional team to triple the use of ePCS in Texas for the last year. His strong organizational and leadership skills has been crucial to the success of this campaign. It has been a real pleasure to work with David.”
  • “David has been a great advocate for health information exchange and interoperability in Texas. In my role as CMO for Greater Houston Healthconnect, I had the privilege of collaborating with David over the past several years to educate providers and to communicate the value of HIE to physician practices and its resulting impact on healthcare outcomes. David exemplified creativity and vision. His contributions to HIT in Texas helped to further adoption and cross-organizational collaboration.”
  • “There is no question that without David, we’d be lost. Because he is one of those rare people who can write and communicate perfectly for a business AND solve every technical problem you can throw at him, he is more than essential to our team. What really makes David so special to me though is how he cares about quality and takes pride in everything he does. Despite the huge volume of work he does for us, it is always spotless and professional. Add that to his always open and friendly demeanor, and I start thinking that all of us would do well to be just a little bit more like David.”

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