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Bashman & Scott

Lean East began our engagement with the Basham & Scott team by conducting a business assessment and supporting a 4-day strategic planning session following the steps in the Lean East PERFORMANCE process. The Basham & Scott team rehired our team to support continuous improvement projects in three areas of the business and support organizational restructuring and development improvements (including job descriptions) for the company. Our team continues to support improvement projects, support Leadership Development training, and support the team in their operating system, including dashboards to help leadership measure what matters. 

Client Testimonial

“Basham & Scott is a growing firm with large national clients that needed strategic planning and operational improvement support. We chose the Lean East team to facilitate a multi-day strategic planning session that determined our priorities. Steve and the team are now helping us review and improve our processes and develop new leaders. We have already seen an improvement in how we use our data, measure the process, and engage our team so they understand their objectives. I highly recommend Lean East for growing businesses.” – Kim Basham Scott, CEO, Basham & Scott

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