Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences

Engagement summary

Facilitated a cross-functional team of research scientists, grant writers, developmental and administrative staff to review the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Science (BLOS) grant submittal process. The project team tracked the existing process to map out the steps and separate the value from the waste. A number of improvements were identified and implemented by the team to simplify the process and improve the quality of submittals.

The project helped the BLOS grant award rate increase from 13% before the project to 22% after the improvements were implemented, an increased success rate of nearly 60%.

Client testimonials

“Bigelow Laboratory is a non-profit research institution that relies heavily on federal funding resulting from grant proposals submitted throughout the year, often in response to RFPs. In response to falling success rates, Lean East was engaged to look at our institutional and individual performance in this critical area.

Throughout the summer and fall of 2012, Steve and Lean East facilitated a cross‐functional team that looked at our Grant proposal and submission process. By mapping out the process, our team was able to separate the value from the waste and improve communication and teamwork. The project helped our award rate increase from 13% before the project to 22%, an increase of nearly 60%.

I recommend Lean East enthusiastically, and particularly their ability to work with both the scientists and administrative teams.” – Professor Graham Shimmield, PhD, FSB, FRSE, Executive Director of the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences

“I have been here for two years but didn’t know until now how this process works!” – Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Science PhD Research Scientist

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