Jenny Ridley

Jenny Ridley Lean East Improvement Consultant

Jennifer Ridley is an Improvement Consultant who believes that best-in-class organizations are built through a continuous commitment and care to the growth of their people. Jenny is an experienced leader and coach who has managed departments and supported sales and marketing deliverables for multiple organizations. Jenny recently transitioned from private education where she led Hebron Academy’s enrollment, retention, and strategic initiatives as a Director. In this role, she improved the process workflow, incorporated best practices, and established a new culture.  In previous roles, she has personally engaged over 300 employees in one-on-one health coaching to deliver measurable improvements in their personal health profiles.

Jenny has nearly ten years of experience as a coach, both in athletics and supporting organizations as a one-on-one personal health coach. She has earned her Master of Science degree from Bridgewater State College and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Vermont, where she was a four-year Varsity Women’s Ice Hockey Team Member and two-year captain. Jenny enjoys spending her free time connecting with her family through sports and learning new things.


Testimonials about Jenny:

  • “In my fifty years of working both for and with corporations and non-profits, I have seldom encountered anyone who better, and almost instinctively, exemplifies the core tenets of kaizen than Jenny Ridley. A keen and insightful listener, she probes deeply to understand roadblocks to continuous improvement, and with a toolkit that, among other strengths, is blessed with a keen understanding of the nuances of organizational and interpersonal dynamics, has – in the major role on which we worked together – helped create substantial value and immensely productive change.  I’d want her on any team I’m involved with!”
  • “The Bank is continually focused on improving our employee’s technical tools yet the specifics of what they need is not always clear. Lean East took on the assignment of helping us with this discovery and knocked it out of the park! Conducting a series of focus groups, they engaged our employees to better understand and document what technical areas need attention. Our staff enjoyed working with them and their final report delivered exactly what we were looking for. Lean East is a local company I would recommend without reservation.”
  • “Jenny has some of the best organizational skills I have seen working in the area of education administration in my career in this area of over 20 years. She is prompt, thoughtful, detailed and forward thinking. Additionally, Jenny has the ability to see both the big picture needs of an organization while also attending to customer service in a way that is genuine and meaningful. She brings not only commitment and competency to the workplace, but also pride in purpose and will leave her colleagues and customers feeling heard, happy and cared for in the process. There is no question she elevates the reputation of whatever organization she is affiliated with.”

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