Engagement Summary

Lean East was recommended to support company growth and process improvement. We worked with the team to map out processes and improve the customer contact, sales proposal, project planning, and product installation system. The company has leveraged these improvements into significant growth in employees and revenue. Lean East has helped with system improvement based on market changes, strategic planning using the PERFORMANCE process, work in expanded markets, and readiness for expansion in 2024. 

Client Testimonial

“Lean East was recommended to me by another business owner to help me get my life back. Steve and the team have provided process improvement, help with automations and improvements to our CRM and proposal system, leadership training, and, most recently, strategic planning support. Our company has grown significantly while I have reduced my involvement in the day-to-day processes. Steve is now helping me establish a leadership team, meeting rhythms, and metrics for setting clear employee expectations. It is an exciting time for the business and Lean East has helped us get here.”  – Josh Oxley, Owner & CEO, SolarLogix

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