New Hampshire Department of Public Health Services

Engagement summary

Trainers/coaches for several sessions of a hands-on, learn-by-doing, “Quality Improvement 101 training program that taught participants how to use basic QI techniques and tools to improve real work processes and achieve improved results. The sessions demonstrated an increased ability of staff to understand, select and use QI methods and tools to continuously improve their daily work. The multi-month learning workshops facilitated a total of eleven Ql projects across the Division. The work built the capacity of the Department to support and sustain a quality-driven culture. NH-DPHS received recognition from the NH Governor in 2015 for their success with Lean.

Client testimonials

“Steve was a trainer and coach for the NH DPHS QI 101 training sessions in 2014 and again in 2015. The training and projects were well received and resulted in improved confidence in the team members’ ability to use improvement tools and dive into process improvement. We even had the DPHS management team participate in the second session. I was particularly impressed with Steve’s ability to quickly understand the context of each team’s problem area, help them drill down to specific improvement projects, and provide guidance to each team as they progressed through their unique improvement journey.” – Laura Holmes, Quality Improvement, New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services

Participant Feedback from Training Sessions:

  • “I learned to approach projects in a much more organized and productive manner. I learned patience and discipline and the value of the journey in determining the end result.”
  • “…Steve brought a lot of expertise and enthusiasm as trainers. The group discussions were helpful. The climate we are working in presently is extremely stressful and fast paced.” “It is not always easy to think creatively and efficiently under these conditions, but I do see the value in QI for both the individual and our organization. In our environment, taking small steps but with a well plotted plan/goal is essential.”
  • “Great job. Really enjoyed the classes!”
  • “Coaches were a great balance of enthusiasm and disciplined structure.”
  • “I enjoyed the energy and enthusiasm of the coaches.”

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