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Parents and students want a high-quality education at lower costs

The cost of tuition at Colleges and Universities has experienced strong pricing pressures recently. Unfortunately, without a focus on customer value and streamlining operations, costs will continue to rise. Elementary schools and high schools are beginning to have the same needs for cost containment and cultural improvement.


Educators and Educational Institution Leaders want the best for their students

Lean basics are often taught at Universities and Community Colleges, but not practiced by the organizations themselves. Teachers and Principals in Community Schools do not know about the Lean methods that have helped countless organizations improve their operations.


We Want to Help

Lean East supports Lean improvements at educational institutes. The Lean East team and several of its partners have led successful improvement projects in education and see the potential for improvements in areas including:

  • NEW: Changes to teaching methods and planning due to the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Standardizing core operational processes and helping teams identify and eliminate wasted steps
  • Teaching simple Lean methods that professors, teachers, and staff can use to improve their classroom organization and processes
  • Technology integration: removing the waste from processes before implementing new technologies
  • Leadership best practices for all levels of the organization



Colleges can only discount their prices so much until they are forced to cut actual costs given reduced revenue. If recent news reports are any indication, the pricing strategies that colleges have utilized for several decades to attract students seem to be coming to an end. So college officials will be forced to confront their expenses whether they want to or not.
– Jeffrey J. Selingo, author and thought leader



The top reasons to hire Lean East:

  • Experience: We have led numerous projects and entire transformations in organizations and are experienced and proven experts in Lean Six Sigma and process improvement methodologies. We provide training and coaching in the use of these powerful tools for improvement and will look at your issues with a fresh set of eyes, sharing best practices across industries and functions.
  • Project methodology: Lean East uses a results-driven project plan to establish clear directions and actions that focus the team on achieving credible goals. As impartial facilitators, we are positioned to cut through political barriers and ignore the “sacred cows.” In fact, we are often asked to manage team meetings to ensure staff efficiency and a focus on results.
  • Share the workload: Lean East will devote full attention to your project for quicker, more certain results. We also support data collection and analysis for cost improvement tracking.
  • Implement results: Many business consultants write a report telling you what you are doing wrong and then leave. Lean East will instead work with you and your team to identify solutions that address root causes, and then roll up our sleeves to prove that those actions result in real savings. We strive for a 10X ROI on all of our projects and stand behind our work.

Lean East is excited to offer support for Lean improvements at schools and institutes.  Please give us a call at (207)-751-321-five or email us today to discuss your needs.


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