Project Management

Did your last major project go smoothly? Finish on time and on budget?
Did the project results meet or exceed your goals?
If not, talk to Lean East about our project management service to support major organizational changes.

Three Reasons to Hire Lean East for Project Management

1. Experience

Members of the Lean East team are trained in technical and engineering fields and have strong leadership experience. We also have experience managing complex projects in multiple industries. A few sample areas of expertise include:

2. Project methodology

Lean East uses a results-driven process to establish clear goals and get projects off to a great start. We create and execute a project plan that communicates status with team members and stakeholders. In addition, we also focus the team on meeting key project milestones. We prefer opportunities where we can share our experience and knowledge of project management principles with our clients. Therefore, we focus on strengthening the people, internal processes, and standards.

Lean East team members are familiar with project management, task management, and also collaboration tools. For instance, we have used Trello and MS Project and can adapt to any additional customer needs.

3. We Implement results

How much of your project budget would you devote to guarantee success? Lean East can have a project manager devote full attention to your project for quicker and more certain results.

First, we begin with a half-day project review and assessment to evaluate project readiness. Then, we will structure our work contract so we are rewarded for meeting the budget and timing goals. As impartial outsiders, our singular goal is on project results and cutting through barriers to achieve success.

Lean East Project Management

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