Turnaround Management

Lean East works with busines owners and investors to understand your critical business needs and create a strategic plan that helps achieve your goals. Our team has experience with implementing simple tools and processes that will increase your financial and operational performance. We focus on the TURNAROUND MANAGEMENT needs of businesses large and small and are available for periods of INTERIM MANAGEMENT while implementing a turnaround plan.


Forget the buzzwords and focus on results. Begin with the end in mind.
Forget the buzzwords and focus on results. Begin with the end in mind.


Do you have a strategic plan in place? Are you having difficulty getting the right staff in place to support the business goals? Is the market changing but your processes not in place to support that? Have you been fighting day-to-day issues with no time to think long term? Are your “Accounts Receivable” down and “Accounts Payable” up?

Forget the fancy buzz-words and instead focus on results. Lean East begins with the end in mind to create an achievable plan with buy-in from the team. Unlike typical consultants, we will then work with you to execute the strategy and achieve results. We are often willing to provide sweat equity to support clients and can work on your behalf to help raise necessary investment capital.

It’s time to bring in an experienced turnaround professional to help you prepare and implement a plan and get the results you need. Call Lean East today at (207)-751-3215 or email us.


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