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Lean East is focused on training and coaching service organizations to transform their business with the power of Lean thinking and tools. Lean, the focus on customer value and elimination of waste in processes, has transformed manufacturing over the past thirty years but is only now being used to improve services like healthcare, government, insurance, banking, education and more.

Lean process improvement and transformation focus areas:

We help organizations in Maine, New Hampshire and the rest of New England solve their most challenging problems. We will help you learn and use leadership best practices, and our projects typically provide a 10X return on investment for the organization. Our experienced team is happy to help you identify funding sources for your needs and we are a proven partner of several state and federal agencies. Read about some of our happy clients, learn about our training workshops, and then contact us to discuss your challenges.


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Lean East believes you bring out the best in an organization by bringing out the best in the PEOPLE. We teach and coach your teams to focus on the PRODUCT or service you sell and improve business PROCESSES to increase overall PERFORMANCE and maximize PROFIT.


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