Lean Healthcare East

Lean Healthcare East

Healthcare leaders are under increasing performance pressure, therefore asking tough questions. Our experienced leaders and process improvement experts have led and facilitated Lean transformations for multiple organizations. We at Lean Healthcare East provide strategic consulting, training and coaching that enables organizations to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.

We help healthcare organizations improve.

Coaching and facilitating improvement projects

Our experienced team provides direct coaching support and training for projects to improve systems and delivery of care through higher quality, reduced costs, and elimination of non-value-added process wastes. Projects can be completed through week-long rapid improvement workshops or in 8-12 week engagements.

Lean Healthcare East training workshops

We love to share our knowledge and experience in Lean continuous improvement with students, teams and organizations. We find classes work best in groups of 10-40 people when training in introductory topics and specialized tools.

Learn more about the Lean Healthcare East team and read about an example client engagement. We are happy to share risks and successes with our clients and we guarantee results.  Click here for a list of current training courses or contact us to discuss your specific training, coaching, or speaking needs.

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All other services

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