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As an organization, Lean East is committed to growth and continuous improvement within our community. In the last five years, we have seen an increased interest in our blog posts. In particular, our content focused on continuous personal improvement. From this discovery, we are launching Personal Kaizen for professionals interested in individual continuous improvement.

Our new Personal Kaizen community is based upon Lean East’s extremely popular Personal Kaizen post about developing continuous improvement habits. We are honored and humbled to begin sharing more frequent tips, hacks, and improvement ideas with our worldwide community while continuing to provide the services that are the heart of Lean East’s mission. We will also continue to post on our popular Lean East blog and send this monthly newsletter.

Personalkaizen.co is for professionals of all ages. We are a network of people who want to live their best lives. We do this by challenging ourselves to make a commitment to continuous and sustainable improvements in the way we work and live.

If this intrigues you, we invite you to sign-up for improvement tips delivered straight to your inbox at personalkaizen.co and join the new Personal Kaizen community on your preferred social media platform.

Signup for improvement tips delivered straight to your inbox at personalkaizen.co - Personal Kaizen

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