PersonalKaizen.co has launched!

The Lean East team has spent the last several months launching our new continuous improvement community – Personal Kaizen!

After over 5-years of consistent monthly blogging on this website, our blog has moved to personalkaizen.co and we will only occasionally share featured stories on our Lean East website. The good news is that we will now be sending tips, lessons, and hacks several times per week – that means we will be sharing much more of our great content!

Moving forward, the best way to interact with our team is to JOIN OUR NEW COMMUNITY and get continuous improvement tips delivered straight to your inbox.

Great new content

Our new blog will include lessons and summaries of great books along with short video content, events, and training opportunities. Here is what you can look forward to in our new community:

  • Start your week off right with Motivational Monday quotes in your inbox. Below is our short motivational video for this week.

  • Develop habits that will help you live a fulfilling and happy life with our 10 Rules for Life video series. Below is our video for Rule 1 – we are sending new videos direct to your inbox each Wednesday.

The remainder of the week will be lessons, tips, tricks, and hacks that we share with our community. Here are some of the featured posts from the past several weeks.

Join Today

Future video content and lessons will consist of tips that will help you grow personally and/or professionally. Our content will be based on community input.

We are planning to offer events and training opportunities for the community later in the year. JOIN TODAY so you don’t miss out!

Be safe and well!

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